China Strikes Back

Cindy Zimmerman

From almonds to frozen edible swine offal, the majority of the 128 products on which China imposed retaliatory tariffs Monday are agricultural, making farmers bear the brunt of the reaction to U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs. “This is a tax on American farmers, brought about by protectionist trade policies,” said Farmers for Free Trade (FFT) Co-Chair Max Baucus. “American farmers …

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New Holland Hero From Italy

Cindy Zimmerman

Since Expo Milano 2015 is being held in Italy and the vast majority of visitors are Italian, it made sense for New Holland to choose two farmers from Italy as “Seeds of Life Series” Heroes. One of those is Francesco Condello, a grape grower and wine producer from Fiumana, where his Conde’ family farm is devoted to producing authentic Sangiovese …

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Cheese & Beverage Pairing App

Jamie Johansen

To the delight of cheese-loving smartphone users, the Wisconsin Cheese Cupid cheese and beverage-pairing app from Wisconsin Cheese is now available for Android mobile devices. Developed by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Wisconsin Cheese Cupid takes the guesswork out of pairing cheese with wine, beer and spirits. With its easy-to-use features, the app can help users create expert pairings on …

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Ward on Wine Launches Website

Chuck Zimmerman

Pairing wine with people is a very good concept. I have found that most people I know like certain wines and will choose them regardless of the food being served. That’s why Ward on Wine caught my eye. Mike Ward is a St. Louis-based Wine Educator. He just launched a website at Designed to help people find a wine …

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