Johanns at the ID INFO EXPO

Cindy Zimmerman

Second day of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture ID INFO Expo was a busy one, between the Secretary of Agriculture and the protesters. A small but vocal group gathered outside the Westin in Kansas City with signs and umbrellas saying “No to NAIS.” I figured that about 99 percent of the people passing by on Grand Avenue had no …

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USDA Broadband Loan Lawsuit

Chuck Zimmerman

Not everyone is happy with the way USDA’s Rural Development office is doling out rural broadband loans. According to a story on C/net yesterday, the department is being sued by Mediacom Communications, the same company supplying us with our high speed access. Apparently a competitor (Lisco) in Fairfield, IA received a low interest loan to develop a system in a community that already has 2 other providers.

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