Impressive StollerUSA Grower Panel at Classic

Cindy Zimmerman

We really, really tried, but even with four people at Commodity Classic we were just unable to see and do everything, and one of the companies we regret missing was StollerUSA. However, the good news is that hundreds of growers from around the country were able to find out more of what StollerUSA has to offer from farmers like themselves. …

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Talking Bio-Forge ST With Stoller USA

Chuck Zimmerman

Jeff Morgan, Stoller USA is standing next to his good friend and ours, Kip Cullers. Actually it’s a Kip cutout. Jeff was on the floor of InfoExpo to talk about Bio-Forge ST a new seed treatment product that he says is “farmer driven” and has taken off this year. He says the first question he gets from ag journalists is …

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StollerUSA Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

Joanna Schroeder

Back in 1970, Jerry Stoller started StollerUSA with a few dollars and some unusual ideas and now the company has a global footprint and a lot of acceptance in the U.S. Today, Jeff Morgan, Stoller’s marketing director, said that they are happy to commemorate their 40 year anniversary. AgWired reporter Chuck Zimmerman was able to catch up with Morgan during …

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Stoller Helps Kip Cullers Set Soybean Record

Joanna Schroeder

You better believe that Missouri farmer Kip Cullers knows how to grow soybeans. As a matter of fact, he’s the best in the world, as Cindy already told you. Another product that helped Kip reach another record soybean yield is Stoller’s Bio-Forge. “Ninety-five percent of all the plant nutrients are in the top 4” of the soil. You’ve got to …

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Bio-Forge Shows Success at Managing Stress

Joanna Schroeder

Thousands of corn acres have been under various types of stress this year, many under the stress of too much rain. Corn that has undergone too much stress doesn’t perform well causing a grower’s yield to be down, and thus his profit. However, growers who have used Bio-Forge have seen their corn manage stress much better, leading to higher yields. …

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StollerUSA Crop Photo Contest

Chuck Zimmerman

If you have an amazing crop this year then StollerUSA wants a picture of it. It’s their “Picture Perfect Crops” contest. Of course you need to have treated your crop with a Stoller product. StollerUSA is looking for amazing crop photos and Stoller success stories for entry in the 2011 StollerUSA calendar contest. Judges will select a total of 12 …


Growers Give Stoller a “Green” Thumb of Approval

Joanna Schroeder

There was a lot to see and hear about at Commodity Classic but maybe the best testimonials for a product are the growers themselves. I spent a little time with two growers who gave several Stoller USA products their stamp of approval. Why? Because they have seen significant increase to their yields. Ken Miller, both a grower and ag retailer …

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Drought Biggest Challenge for Stoller Australia

Joanna Schroeder

Fifteen years ago, StollerUSA opened up an office in Australia, and today Stoller Australia has demonstrated that they have many products that are beneficial for Australian growers. I caught up with Richard Emery, who runs this division during the Ag Associates Conference. He began by telling me that the country has a diverse range of crops including wheat and cotton, …

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Studying Soil to Improve Plant Growth

Joanna Schroeder

Dave Alexander is a consultant with Agri-Science Technology. His area of expertise is soil and he exams, assesses and helps a grower understand where he is at using his product history and goals. I spent some time with Alexander during the Ag Associates Conference sponsored by StollerUSA. “In my practice I build a strong foundation first and then bring in …

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