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Chuck Zimmerman

Brew BlogThe Brew Blog is where you can find out news and information about the alcohol beverage industry. I think this is a fantastic idea. Listen up agrimarketers. Take a look at what Miller is doing here. They’ve hired or contracted with a reporter who is covering their industry. I know you purists out there will be shocked. How can this have any credibility you might ask? I say, look at what’s being posted by Jim Arndorfer. He’s certainly going to be an example I’ll be using in my workshop at the Ag Media Summit!

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XM or Sirius

Chuck Zimmerman

Sirius Satellite RadioWhich is the best? Simple question, eh? How about it all you farmers I know are reading? Post a comment and vote for your favorite. I’ve mentioned that I subscribe to Sirius and I’ll be listening on my way to Nashville for the CMA Fan Fair.

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