Announcing Treus

Chuck Zimmerman

Treus AnnouncementOne of the big announcements here at the show on opening day was from Bunge and Dupont who have a biotech alliance. Basically they’ve created a new brand, “Treus.” This is being done to “reflect their expansion of the companies’ soy collaboration beyond food and nutrition products to include industrial applications, biofuels and other opportunities.”

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Late Day Views

Chuck Zimmerman

You’ll find the sky over the show filled with advertising at times. We’ve got balloons like this one for Ag Leader Technology. They look a lot better in the sunshine. In addition to balloons we’ve got little lightweight sail planes (?) too. I couldn’t quite make out who this is for. If you know, post a comment. I got a …

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Street Scene

Chuck Zimmerman

Street SceneHere’s the current street scene here at Farm Progress.

It may seem like I haven’t gotten far away from the media tent yet. That’s because I haven’t. Besides pouring rain all morning I’m now waiting for the mud to settle down so I don’t do a disgraceful fall with my equipment hanging off me.

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Get A Premium For Your Corn

Chuck Zimmerman

Steve Peterson Getting Interviewedwhile it was raining this morning the media was nicely cooped up in the media tent. I’m sure this didn’t disappoint Monsanto since they had the first press conference. One of the their representatives I met was Steve Peterson, Monsanto business manager for their Processor Preferred program. Steve’s pictured here during an interview with WITY. In my interview with Steve he describes how this program has developed about 90 varieties of corn that are yielding up to 2 to 4 percent more ethanol per bushel than conventional hybrids. He says this helps corn growers get a premium for their crops.

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Sticky Trap Program


Earlier this morning, Monsanto had their first Press Conference. The topic being discussed was the Sticky Trap Program. Speakers Glenn Stith, Vice President of Monsanto U.S. Branded Business, Clint Pilcher, Corn Technology Development Manager, and Wayne Natress, Executive Director were present to speak about the Sticky Trap Program! The Sticky Trap Program was an experiment to determine the amount of …

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