I’m Not Green With Envy

Chuck Zimmerman

I wanted to use the photo but you’ll have to visit CNN.com to see it. A flourescent green pig. Somehow the thought of green ribs or a nice glowing green loin roast just doesn’t appeal to me. What am I talking about? A story on CNN about these Chinese scientists who are breeding transgenic pigs. From the story:

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G10 Countries Express Trade Concerns

Chuck Zimmerman

As we get closer to the Hong Kong Ministerial of the WTO the rhetoric is heating up. Ag groups here in the United States have sure been sending out the “position” releases. I have to call them that since I’m not sure I would use the word news to describe the content of a lot of the ones I see. They are informative though for reporters, most of which probably don’t “use” them other than for background information.

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