Why Agriculture Needs Corn Ethanol to Survive

Joanna Schroeder

“If you really look at whose behind the ethanol industry, it’s the American agricultural industry,” said Steve McNich, CEO of Western Plains Energy based in Oakley, Kansas. “There’s no better example at working your way out of a market than the American farmers. The history of the American farmer is that if there is ever an opportunity to make money, …

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Win Homegrown Fuel on the Fourth

Cindy Zimmerman

A photo of you with your Flex Fuel Vehicle (FFV) could win you up to $185 in free fuel. Growth Energy is encouraging Americans to celebrate Independence Day this year with homegrown “Fuel on the Fourth.” The ethanol organization has started a new promotion offering nearly $300 in E85 fuel to Flex Fuel Vehicle (FFV) owners through the “Fuel on …

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Growth Force is Growing

Cindy Zimmerman

Growth Energy’s Growth Force is growing and donating to charity. The ethanol organization announced today that 28 of its member plants raised $7,395 for local charities of their choice through the Growth Force Now promotion. The promotion was designed to increase membership of Growth Force, a group that believes in a cleaner, greener America through the use of biofuels, and …

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Growth Energy Launches National Ethanol TV Ad Campaign

Chuck Zimmerman

This is interesting. Growth Energy (a ZimmComm client) has just announced via live web stream that they’re also launching a national ethanol tv ad campaign. “For too long, we have allowed our opponents to define who we are. That ends today,” said Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy. America’s ethanol supporters launched the industry’s first national TV ad campaign today …

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A Year of Growth Energy

Cindy Zimmerman

It was a year ago this month that ethanol advocacy group Growth Energy was formed, absorbing the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) and more recently merging with the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition (NEVC). Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis has been with the organization since March, after leaving the National Farmers Union and he was on hand at the National …

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May the Growth Force Be With You

Cindy Zimmerman

If you are in agriculture and support ethanol, the Growth Force wants you. Growth Force is the individual membership arm of Growth Energy, the ethanol advocacy organization started about this time last year to help fight the attacks on farming and renewable fuels like ethanol. “Right now it’s more than 10,000 strong, and growing,” says Growth Energy director of public …

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