Fluidigm Introduces First Reusable Bio-Chip

Chuck Zimmerman

Fluidigm Corporation held a joint press conference this morning with the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service to announce their new reusable bio-chip architecture which is a first for the commercial market. These reusable integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) will dramatically lower SNP genotyping costs and are designed to support accelerated sample throughput, while maintaining data quality of 99.75 percent or greater accuracy …

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Plant and Animal Genome Conference Success For Fluidigm

Chuck Zimmerman

The 18th International Plant and Animal Genome Conference was a big success for AgWired sponsor Fluidigm. I spoke with product manager, Yong Yi, about his participation and what his take-aways were. Yong says the key one for him was seeing the pace at which people are doing plant and animal research and picking up new technologies. He says it was …

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Fluidigm Inks Deal With Bayer CropScience

Chuck Zimmerman

AgWired sponsor, Fluidigm Corporation has just announced a multi-year agreement with a new client, Bayer CropScience. Here’s some details. Fluidigm Corporation today announced it has entered into a multi-year agreement with Bayer CropScience to supply integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) and instrumentation to Bayer CropScience’s global operations. Bayer CropScience will be using Fluidigm technology to conduct marker-assisted breeding, genetic analysis in …

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Fluidigm Inks Deal With USDA

Chuck Zimmerman

It looks like AgWired sponsor, Fluidigm Corporation, is making some new inroads into the agricultural sector with their announcement that “USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) has purchased a Fluidigm microfluidic-based EP1™ System to help develop and validate focused 96- and 384-SNP (single-nucleotide polymorphism) panels for testing America’s dairy and beef cattle. To ensure healthy cows and top quality product.” ARS …

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Fluidigm Workshop at Plant/Animal Genome Conference

Chuck Zimmerman

The 18th International Plant and Animal Genome Conference is about to take place January 9-13 at the Town & Country Convention Center in San Diego, California and AgWired sponsor Fluidigm will be there. In fact they will be conducting one of the workshops titled, “Enabling High Sample Throughput SNP Genotyping for Plant and Animal Studies.” It will be held on …

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GMO Detection With The Fluidigm System

Chuck Zimmerman

Although many old school environmentalists are now embracing genetically engineered crops, GMO’s continue to be a hot topic and one that impacts agribusiness, especially in the area of international trade. In this installment of our interviews with Fluidigm Corporation you’ll hear how their system can play a key role in assisting companies involved in biotechnology and therefore today’s farmers. To …

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Fluidigm System Work Flow

Chuck Zimmerman

In this latest edition of the stories about Fluidigm Corporation you’ll get to meet Amy Hamilton, Technical Support Specialist. Amy works in the lab at Fluidigm headquarters. She walks us through a workflow of the Fluidigm System. As you’ll see in the video, the size and scale of equipment needed for the Fluidigm System to conduct many different simultaneous samples …

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Genotyping With Fluidigm

Chuck Zimmerman

With a title like Director of Molecular Biology you might think that it would be hard for a non-technical person to carry on a conversation with Ramesh Ramakrishna. Not so. Ramesh works for Fluidigm Corporation and is my latest interview in the series we’re doing to introduce the agribusiness world to their break through research technology. In our interview you’ll …

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R&D At Fluidigm

Chuck Zimmerman

When it comes to research and development at Fluidigm Corporation, one of the key people involved is Andy May. In my interview with him he puts the high level technology Fluidigm develops into easy to understand terms. You’ll find out why this is necessary when we get into the whole DNA sequencing issue and how Fluidigm has pioneered some of …

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The Fluidigm System

Chuck Zimmerman

The Fluidigm System starts with their Integrated Fluidic Circuits. The Product Manager who is intimately familiar with the IFC’s is Yong Yi. I spoke with him about this system and he helps explain what the IFC’s do and can do for a client company. In the picture he’s holding one of their chips containing an IFC. It’s all about miniaturization …

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