World Food Day is October 16th

Lizzy Schultz

Mark your calendars: Sunday, October 16 is World Food Day 2016, and the theme of this year’s event is “Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too.” The day will be one of the most celebrated events on the UN calendar, with over 150 countries recognizing it during various events and ceremonies. Rome is hosting several key World Food Day …

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Soil Selected as Topic of Ag Journalist Award

Kelly Marshall

International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) are gearing up for the IFAJ-FAO Award for Excellence in Global Food Security Reporting.  And with harvest approaching in the northern hemisphere and planting getting ready to roll in the southern, now is the perfect time to address the contest’s topic– soil.  The topic comes from …

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FAO & Partners Launch Pastoralist Knowledge Hub

Chuck Zimmerman

Do you know what a pastoralist is? Here’s one definition: a grazier or land-holder raising sheep, cattle, etc, on a large scale. Kind of sounds like a rancher to me. Why do I bring it up? Because the FAO and partners announced an online Pastoralist Knowledge Hub today. Their hope is that this will provide a platform for these folks …

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2013 World Food Day

Chuck Zimmerman

I like to think of every day as food day but there is that special day each October as proclaimed by the FAO – World Food Day. Once a year, on 16 October, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations commemorates its inception by celebrating efforts and raising awareness for the worlds hunger and nutrition problems. The focus …

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Agricultural Cooperatives Key to Feeding the World

Chuck Zimmerman

We have now gone from Blog Action Day to World Food Day 2012. The FAO says that agricultural cooperatives are the “key to feeding the world.” They are the focus of this World Food Day. The official World Food Day theme, announced each spring by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), gives focus to World Food …

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Meet New Director-General of the FAO

Chuck Zimmerman

Want to meet the new Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations? Yeah. Can’t say I’m really excited to but . . . His name is José Graziano da Silva and he’ll be holding a press conference which will be webcast tomorrow. The Brazilian agronomist and economist will discuss urgent food security issues and answer journalists’ …


Some Truths About Sustainability

Chuck Zimmerman

The S word came up during the Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit in a big way during a presentation by Dr. Frank Mitloehner, Agriculture Air Quality Center Director, University of California, Davis. That word is sustainability. He talked about research he conducted that debunked the “Livestock’s Long Shadow” report that was published by the FAO in 2006. That report had …

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International Year of the Potato

Chuck Zimmerman

I had no idea we’re living in the International Year of the Potato, one of my favorite foods. I largely ignore the FAO these days but just the idea of a year dedicated to the potato kind of caught my attention. So I guess I’ll have to bake a humble tuber tonight to celebrate. FAO releases on 15 December 2008 …

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World Food Day

Chuck Zimmerman

Today is World Food Day in case you didn’t know it. This is a FAO-organized event held every year. I applaud their desire to bring attention to the plight of the hungry around the world. However, they’ve been taken over by a bunch of wackos who are employing extreme scare tactics to advance an agenda that is seriously out of …

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FAO State of Food and Agriculture

Chuck Zimmerman

The FAO has released it’s annual State of Food and Agriculture report. This year they’re advocating payments to farmers. The State of Food and Agriculture 2007 explores the potential for agriculture to provide enhanced levels of environmental services alongside the production of food and fibre. The report concludes that demand for environmental services from agriculture – including climate change mitigation, …