CCA Institute Seeking Sponsors

image006Mark your calendars for the Cooperative Communicators Association Institute being held in the Country Music Capitol of the World June 1-5. Nashville, TN. is bound to bring attendees to a ‘foot stomping’ good time this summer.

South region CCA’s are working hard to find Institute sponsors to create an event full of learning, laughing and leadership.

Parton us for askin’…

We need your help to make the
2013 CCA Institute in Nashville a success!

Whether you are BIG AND RICH or just have a little extra in the PAYCHECK, we need CASH to make the event a huge success. So check your budgets and see what you are WAYLON to send our way. We know you are JONESing to help make our Annual Institue an award winning event.

Like WILLIE said:
If you got the money, honey
We’ve got The Time
We’ll plan you a Institue
And you’re gonna have a time
Bring along your laptop and IPAD
Leave my worries behind
If you got the money, honey
We’ve got the time

Well maybe that’s paraphased just a little!

Be SWIFT about it and contact Laura Thornton at 334-237-0117 ( or Chellie Phillips at 334-796-3258 ( to get your sponsorship lined up.

Learn, Laugh, & Lead at 2013 CCA Bootcamp

image003The Cooperative Communications Association’s 2013 Professional Development workshop will be here before you know it. Register by January 11 to attend the CCA Bootcamp held January 29th & 30th in Bloomington, IL.

Be sure to pack your tools of the trade including camera and/or video camera to fine tune skills in web design, photography, videography & social media. The world of agriculture communications is an ever changing industry. Here is what you can look forward to absorbing during the two-day bootcamp.

“Guerilla Strategies for Good Web Design”
Presented by Business Builders:

We all want our websites to look good and function well, but how do you know what “good” really is? No matter what software or platform you use to create your sites, there are some elements that all good websites have in common. This session will give you the what, why and how to get in and get out with a stellar site.

cca bootcamp“Surveying Your Battle Map”
Presented by Jim Polus, Illinois Farm Bureau Videographer:

If a picture paints a thousand words, how much more of the story can video tell? The popularity of short videos has surged in recent years and has many applications for communicators today. Jim will talk about equipment, storyboarding, software and tips for creating amazing videos on any budget.

“Using All the Weapons in Your Arsenal”
Presented by Barb Adelman, Elan Studios Photography:

Show of hands – how many of us ever take our cameras off the “auto” setting? Today’s digital cameras at any level can take great pictures – if you just know what settings to use and when. This session will help you understand the basics of photography and how to use those “other” options on your camera to take better pictures.

“I Don’t Know But I’ve Been Told”
Presented by Tricia Braid, Illinois Corn Growers Association:

Social media is here to stay and new sites keep appearing almost daily. How do you decide which ones are right for your organization? It’s a decision that must be made with many factors in mind, including how the platform fits with your existing PR strategy and company goals and culture. Tricia will share some of her experiences with the Corn Growers and the Illinois Farm Families initiative as examples of successful social media campaigns.

Cooperative Communicators Seeking Members

ZimmCast 264The President of the Cooperative Communicators Association is Brian Delgado, seen here welcoming first timers at their recent convention where I conducted a presentation on social media. I recorded a conversation with Brian while I was there to learn more about CCA.

He says CCA is an organization designed to help educate cooperative communicators and those working with cooperatives. Membership has declined a little in recent years due to the economy and communication departments having to double up on duties. Additionally, there has been some consolidation of cooperatives. Membership is still about 300. About 25 percent of the attendees at the conference were first timers btw. Brian encourages membership which you can take care of online.

The program ends this week with “Racing Heart” by Joe Tunon from Music Alley.

Thanks to our ZimmCast sponsors, Novus International, and Leica Geosytems for their support.

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Very Social Media And Cooperative Communicators

We had a lively discussion on social media today at the Cooperative Communications Association 2010 Institute. Thank you to one of the participants for snapping a photo and to CCA for inviting me to present.

One of the points I brought up was that in my opinion blogs are more relevant today than ever. In fact, I view them as the hub of the social media wheel or perhaps the workhorse of social media. Let’s face it. Blog is a dumb and boring word but it is a powerful tool. You can sure communicate more on a blog post than you can on a tweet. My blog posts “feed” out to all my other social media mechanisms in some way or another. This allows my visitors, subscribers, followers, fans, friends and contacts to get my information whenever and wherever they want. I’ve learned that different people have different social media preferences and I try to satisfy them all.

So, there you have it. One little tidbit from today’s session. Let me know if you’ve got questions or would like a presentation of your own.

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Reminder About 2009 CCA Institute

Cooperatives Communicators Association InviteHere’s a reminder about the 2009 CCA Institute. It’s not too late to register according to Terri Breon.

Tickets are still available to attend the Friday night “Fun Night” at the ball park. Join fellow CCA’ers as the Kansas City Royals take on the Cincinnati Reds at the newly renovated Kauffman Stadium! As a bonus, the night ends with fireworks and fountains! Tickets are still available at the low price of $27. For more information, visit

But, wait, there’s more yet!

Follow-up your ballpark fun-filled night with an Adobe Creative Suite 4 training session, led by Curt Cuscino. Cuscino, Adobe Trainer with House of Tears, will lead participants through the in’s and out’s of CS4, including Acrobat, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and Photoshop. This 11:00 – 4:00 p.m. is an additional training opportunity available for only $60 (that includes your lunch). Details are available online at

You can download the program here (pdf).

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