Brownfield Welcomes New Sales Team Member

Jamie Johansen

Brownfield Ag News has welcomed veteran agricultural marketer Lori Lulich to their Sales Team. Lulich will work with agricultural clients and agencies in the Midwest on their marketing and advertising goals and objectives. Lulich has spent the last 10 years as a national accounts manager for Farm Journal Media. And before that she was the director of communications for the …

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Update on Accord

Maggie Seiler

The 130th ASTA annual meeting gave attendees an opportunity to receive an update on the progress of the Accord initiative that is a joint effort of ASTA with the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO). “The Accord is an industry-led framework that is meant to address situations when biotech events go off patent and how we maintain the regulatory approvals worldwide for …

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Brownfield Parties On

Chuck Zimmerman

Some people seemed to be moving a little slow this morning at the Agri-Marketing Conference. Could be a little bit of Brownfield Party Syndrome. Happens to the best of us! Last night Brownfield partied on in style at the Dubliner in the K.C. Power & Light area. Cindy and I were there with cameras in hand to “document” it for …

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Cindy Zimmerman

The president of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting had the opportunity to interview the President of the United States today about a new report on the rural economy and farm policy. NAFB President Tom Steever of Brownfield Ag News not only asked President Obama about the Council of Economic Advisers report – Strengthening Rural Communities: Lessons From a Growing …

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Farm Broadcasting in the Pork Checkoff Tent

Cindy Zimmerman

Stop by the National Pork Board tent during World Pork Expo and you will be seeing some of the nation’s top farm broadcasters doing markets, interviews and commentary on the stage. Meghan Grebner of Brownfield Ag News is pictured here interviewing NPB CEO Chris Novak during the noon show segment at the tent. She and colleague Ken Anderson will also …

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Brownfield Interview with BASF’s Nevin McDougall

Cindy Zimmerman

To accommodate all of the journalists who want to do individual interviews with BASF executives at the Ag Media Summit, these guys are scheduled to talk with reporters until about midnight tonight! Meghan Grebner with Brownfield Ag News got one of the first slots with Nevin McDougall, Senior Vice President, BASF Crop Protection, North America last night, since she has …

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Building Relationships With Consumers

Chuck Zimmerman

The moderator for the 2012 Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit was Tom Steever, Brownfield, who is currently the President of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting. Tom was also one of our presenters so it was interesting seeing him introduce himself, speak, thank himself and then present himself with the AAA coffee mug token of appreciation. It was also hilarious. …

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You Won’t be SOLO at the Brownfield Party

Chuck Zimmerman

I’ve already seen mention of it more than once on Facebook. It being the annual Brownfield party at the NAMA Agri-Marketing Conference. This year it’s back to Howl at the Moon. How many of you remember being there a couple years ago? How many of you were there but don’t remember being there :)? I’ll be the Brownfield photographer again …

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