Brownfield Honky Tonks With NAMA

Brownfield StaffIt was honky tonk time at the Brownfield NAMA Party at Maverick’s in Jacksonville last night. Or should I say this morning? Pretty much a little of both!

Here’s the Brownfield staff just having fun like you knew they would. It was a packed house as Agri-Marketing Conference attendees stopped by to relax and share some fun with friends and colleagues. I’ll be uploading a bunch of party pics and will update this post when they are ready. It’s time for the ZimmComm team to head to the homestead today so it might be tomorrow. But we will get it done.

Post Update: Here are party pics for your viewing and sharing pleasure: 2014 Brownfield NAMA Party Photo Album

2014 Agri-Marketing Conference Photo Album

Coverage of the Agri-Marketing Conference is sponsored by
Brownfield Ag News and Rhea + Kaiser
Coverage of the Agri-Marketing Conference is sponsored by Rhea + KaiserCoverage of the Agri-Marketing Conference is sponsored by Brownfield Ag News

Brownfield Goes Honky Tonk for NAMA Party

nama-14-brownfield-inviteThe famous Brownfield Ag News NAMA party will be a Honky Tonk affair here in Jacksonville this evening after the trade show closes.

The venue is Mavericks at The Landing, which is just a short walk from the hotel. The fun starts at 9:00 pm and goes until midnight and of course the ZimmComm photo crew will be there to document the festivities.

So grab your boots and hat and we’ll see you there!

2014 Agri-Marketing Conference Photo Album

Coverage of the Agri-Marketing Conference is sponsored by
Brownfield Ag News and Rhea + Kaiser
Coverage of the Agri-Marketing Conference is sponsored by Rhea + KaiserCoverage of the Agri-Marketing Conference is sponsored by Brownfield Ag News

Brownfield Welcomes New Sales Team Member

Lori Lulich photoBrownfield Ag News has welcomed veteran agricultural marketer Lori Lulich to their Sales Team. Lulich will work with agricultural clients and agencies in the Midwest on their marketing and advertising goals and objectives.

Lulich has spent the last 10 years as a national accounts manager for Farm Journal Media. And before that she was the director of communications for the Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

“We are very excited to bring Lori on board,” said Senior Vice President John Baker. “Her passion and working knowledge of the agricultural industry will be of great benefit to our advertising partners.”

Lulich graduated from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls with a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural marketing. She is also a former State FFA Officer, holds her American FFA Degree and is currently the Vice President of the Wisconsin FFA Foundation. She credits growing up on her families dairy to her passion for the agricultural industry.

Brownfield Ag News is committed to agriculture, providing news, markets, weather, event coverage and feature and commentary programming relevant to those who live and work on farms and in rural communities. Committed to local, on-the-ground coverage of agriculture, Brownfield features an award winning team of ten agricultural journalists along with an ag meteorologist, Washington D.C. policy analyst and two market analysts.

Update on Accord

asta-13-accordThe 130th ASTA annual meeting gave attendees an opportunity to receive an update on the progress of the Accord initiative that is a joint effort of ASTA with the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO). “The Accord is an industry-led framework that is meant to address situations when biotech events go off patent and how we maintain the regulatory approvals worldwide for those events,” Bernice Slutsky, Senior Vice President for Domestic and International Policy for ASTA, said. Accord includes two major agreements, the Generic Event Marketability and Access Agreement (GEMAA) and the Data Use and Compensation Agreement (DUCA).

The update provided at ASTA’s annual meeting informed ASTA members that the GEMAA had been completed and open for signatures and currently has 10 signatures. The DUCA is scheduled to be completed and opened by the end of the year. “The DUCA is a larger agreement. It is meant to address some of the more complicated regulatory issues associated with stacked products,” Slutsky said.

According to Slutsky, the framework will hopefully ensure that farmers and stakeholders will be able to continue to trade their products uninterrupted as the biotechnology events go off patent.

Listen to an interview with Slutsky conducted by Meghan Grebner, Brownfield Ag News, here: Interview with Bernice Slutsky

ASTA Annual Meeting Photo Album

Brownfield Parties On

Brownfield NAMA PartySome people seemed to be moving a little slow this morning at the Agri-Marketing Conference. Could be a little bit of Brownfield Party Syndrome. Happens to the best of us!

Last night Brownfield partied on in style at the Dubliner in the K.C. Power & Light area. Cindy and I were there with cameras in hand to “document” it for you viewing/sharing pleasure. As of this post I’ve got about half our photos uploaded. I’ll get the rest done by tomorrow morning. Outside of these photos we all know that what happens at a Brownfield party stays . . . Right?

Cindy and I have a lot more Agri-Marketing Conference information to share in the coming days. In the meantime you can also view/share almost 400 photos from the conference here.


The president of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting had the opportunity to interview the President of the United States today about a new report on the rural economy and farm policy.

NAFB President Tom Steever of Brownfield Ag News not only asked President Obama about the Council of Economic Advisers report – Strengthening Rural Communities: Lessons From a Growing Farm Economy – but they also chatted about the 2012 Farm Bill.

Tom did his usual sterling job – congrats to him, Brownfield and NAFB for getting this opportunity.

Listen to the POTNAFB/POTUS interview here: NAFB President Interviews President Obama

Farm Broadcasting in the Pork Checkoff Tent

Stop by the National Pork Board tent during World Pork Expo and you will be seeing some of the nation’s top farm broadcasters doing markets, interviews and commentary on the stage.

Meghan Grebner of Brownfield Ag News is pictured here interviewing NPB CEO Chris Novak during the noon show segment at the tent. She and colleague Ken Anderson will also be doing the noon show tomorrow. Other famous farm broadcasters like Pam “Fabulous Farm Babe” Jahnke will be stopping by during the day to update producers on the markets.

2012 World Pork Expo Photo Album

Brownfield Interview with BASF’s Nevin McDougall

To accommodate all of the journalists who want to do individual interviews with BASF executives at the Ag Media Summit, these guys are scheduled to talk with reporters until about midnight tonight!

Meghan Grebner with Brownfield Ag News got one of the first slots with Nevin McDougall, Senior Vice President, BASF Crop Protection, North America last night, since she has to get on the road by end of day today to head to Des Moines for World Pork Expo. Nevin told Meghan that the agriculture industry has to do more with less but finding the key to sustainability is not going to happen overnight. “It’s those day-to-day improvements we make, either in our business or on the farm that allows us to get more with less energy, less water, and less nutrients,” he says. “From my perspective it really is a journey – and every day that we can make an improvement and with every new product we can make another improvement – it is a success in itself.”

Listen to Meghan’s interview with Nevin here. Brownfield Nevin McDougall Interview

Photos from BASF Ag Media Summit

Building Relationships With Consumers

The moderator for the 2012 Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit was Tom Steever, Brownfield, who is currently the President of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting. Tom was also one of our presenters so it was interesting seeing him introduce himself, speak, thank himself and then present himself with the AAA coffee mug token of appreciation. It was also hilarious. Tom took over moderating duties for Tom Brand, NAFB, Executive Director, who could not attend due to a family emergency.

Tom’s topic was “Strengthening the Bond.” I took that to mean a discussion about relationships and I was right. His message was that “the farmer has a story to tell and that the farmer should tell to consumers.” By doing that we can build the relationships that will help them better understand where our food comes from. And he also points out how farm broadcasters can help tell the story of the farmer.

You can hear my interview with Tom here: Interview with Tom Steever

2012 Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit Photo Album

Thanks to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and United Soybean Board for their sponsorship of our coverage of this year’s Summit.

The Brownfield Red Solo Cup Dancers

This year at the 2012 Agri-Marketing Conference Brownfield Party we were treated to a performance by the Red Solo Cup Dancers. Here’s the dancing and singing troop before things got rowdy started. I wish I had all their names but I think they’re most well known as a team. So you can figure out who they are.

You may also be able to figure out who some other people are in the video performance I recorded at Thursday night’s Howl at the Moon event. There are also some photos in our online photo album since it has finally been updated.

2012 Agri-Marketing Conference Photo Album

You Won’t be SOLO at the Brownfield Party

I’ve already seen mention of it more than once on Facebook. It being the annual Brownfield party at the NAMA Agri-Marketing Conference. This year it’s back to Howl at the Moon. How many of you remember being there a couple years ago? How many of you were there but don’t remember being there :)?

I’ll be the Brownfield photographer again this year so get ready for some great party shots. I mean pictures. Of course.

Cindy and I have our Brownfield party SOLO cups ready to be filled already. Can we use them and then bring them to the party and re-use them? I think so and I’m pretty sure it has already been done!

Just a reminder: The Brownfield NAMA party is for Professional members by invite only. So student NAMA members, keep that in mind and I hope you have a wonderful time in KC, MO. We’re sure looking forward to it.

Learfield Studio D Named Derry Brownfield Studio

I admit it. I got a lump in my throat when I read this release from Learfield Communications about naming Studio D, the Derry Brownfield Studio. The first image that came to my mind was seeing Derry in his chair getting ready for his talk show. He would start snapping his fingers and bounce around in his chair saying, “Let’s get whomped up!” Yeah man. He used to whomp up a lot of people! Thank you Clyde Lear and company for doing this. Here’s Clyde pictured with Derry’s wife Verni at the naming ceremony. Thanks to Tom Steever for the photo. Sure wish I could have been there.

When Derry Brownfield and Clyde Lear teamed up to start a farm radio network nearly forty years ago, neither of them could have dreamed their brand new company would become what it is today: America’s largest agricultural radio network service and one of the country’s leading sports marketing firms. Brownfield died on March 12, 2011 and his contribution as a company founder is being commemorated by the naming of the Derry Brownfield Studio at Learfield Communications.

The company Lear and Brownfield started was called Missouri Network, Inc., which changed its name to Learfield Communications, Inc. in 1982. “Learfield” was a combination of the names of the two founders. Today, the Brownfield Ag News radio network is heard throughout the heartland on more than 320 radio stations and Learfield Sports owns the collegiate multi-media rights to over 50 major universities, including the University of Missouri.

The studio, where for years Brownfield hosted his daily talk show, is situated next to the newsrooms for Brownfield Ag News and the Missourinet, another Learfield-owned service. “Derry Brownfield was not only my business partner, but also my friend. It’s wonderful to be able to honor him and recognize not only his contribution to the formation of this company, but also his stature in the agriculture community as one of the country’s most-listened to farm broadcasters,” said Lear, Learfield Communications’ chairman.

The commemoration ceremony at the Learfield building was attended by members of the Brownfield family and employees of Learfield.

Here’s a video clip from the ceremony:

Brownfield Announces Charter Ohio Affiliates

Brownfield Ag News announced the charter affiliates for its Ohio network today. Local ag coverage will be handled by Dave Russell. Meanwhile, new Brownfield farm broadcaster Meghan Grebner is getting some in-studio training at the company headquarters in Jefferson City, MO. Cindy and I had dinner with Meghan earlier this week and we look forward to her continued contributions to AgWired! Meghan is pictured on the left of Brownfield farm broadcaster Julie Harker.

Ohio Brownfield Ag News is pleased to introduce its outstanding line-up of Charter Affiliates. These radio stations are committed to serving the agricultural audience in their respective areas and are carrying Ohio Brownfield Ag News radio programs: WERT-AM 1220, Van Wert; WKSD-FM 99.7, Paulding; WLOH-FM 104.5, Lancaster; WLOH-AM 1320, Lancaster; WLOH-FM 99.3, Logan; WCSM-FM 96.7, Celina; WMTR-FM 96.1, Archbold; WFOB-AM 1430, Fostoria; WMVR-FM 105.5, Sidney; WVNU-FM 97.5, Greenfield; WKFM-FM 96.1, Huron; and WKTN-FM 95.3, Kenton.

Ohio Brownfield Ag News radio network provides news, markets, weather, event coverage and feature and commentary programming relevant to those who live and work on farms and in rural communities in Ohio, and to those with an interest in food and fiber production in the Buckeye state.

Ohio Brownfield is committed to local, on-the-ground coverage of agriculture, with Veteran Farm Broadcaster Dave Russell living and reporting in the Buckeye state. With the backing of an award winning team of nine other full-time farm broadcasters, two of whom are dedicated to market coverage, Russell has more time to focus on Ohio agriculture.

Changes at Brownfield Ag News

Brownfield Ag News has announced a couple of major changes today.

First, Dave Russell is the Farm Director of the new Brownfield Ohio Ag News Radio Network.

“Having the opportunity to go back to my home state is exciting,” said Russell. “I’m looking forward to helping build Brownfield Ohio, but even more, I’m looking forward to telling Ohio’s tremendous agricultural story.”

Moving into Indiana for Brownfield is Meghan Grebner, who has served as Agri-Business Director for stations WMBD and WIRL since 2007 and is currently regional Vice President for the National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB). Meghan has also been a contributing editor here on Agwired.

The top photo is one of Meg’s favorite Facebook profile photos of her and Dave. The bottom one I took at Commodity Classic this year in Tampa. Just couldn’t resist putting them side by side!

Congrats and best to both of them – and to the whole team at Brownfield!

Moore Reasons To Attend Brownfield Party

Jeff MooreHere’s Jeff Moore, Account Executive, Brownfield Ag News, with some “moore” reasons you should attend a Thursday night Brownfield Party at the NAMA convention. Jeff has been to eight of these events. He says it’s all about taking some time to enjoy fellowship with clients and friends.

I did not see him ride the bull at PBR Big Sky but he says he tried last year and got a time of about 5 seconds. I wonder who got the best time during the party.

Jeff says it’s important to develop personal relationships in business and the party allows that to happen: Interview with Jeff Moore

Follow Jeff on Twitter.

2011 Agri-Marketing Conference Photo Album

AgWired coverage of the 2011 Agri-Marketing Conference is sponsored by

Celebrating With Brownfield

Anita VanderwertPeople told me why they go to the Brownfield Party at the Agri-Marketing Conference. Now let’s hear why Brownfield puts on the party.

I spoke with Anita Vanderwert, National Sales Director, pictured on the left. Anita says the party allows them to get together to have a good time and celebrate working in this great industry of agriculture. She says people are very upbeat and the markets are sure contributing to that feeling right now. Listen to what else Anita has to say: Interview with Anita Vanderwert

2011 Agri-Marketing Conference Photo Album

AgWired coverage of the 2011 Agri-Marketing Conference is sponsored by

Brownfield Ag News Introduces Healthy Living

Guess who the sponsor of AgWired coverage of the 2011 Agri-Marketing Conference will be? You are so right. How did you guess? Brownfield Ag News is sponsoring our coverage of the “main event” in agricultural marketing this week in Kansas City, MO. I’m on my way there today with Cindy arriving tomorrow.

Here’s a little news from our sponsor.

Brownfield Ag News introduces “Healthy Living,” a radio program that answers consumer questions about agriculture; helping to address the growing divide between consumers and those who grow their food, fiber and fuel.

“For many years Brownfield’s product offering has included programs designed to bridge the gap between farmers and those who consume farm products,” said Brownfield Farm Director Cyndi Young. “The goal of Healthy Living is to educate, not advocate. Instead of pushing the story Agriculture wants to tell, Healthy Living is produced with consumers interests and needs in mind.”

Healthy Living program topics range from food safety to heritage, heirloom and organic foods; from eating healthy on a budget to government food programs and obesity in America. This program also covers current legislation and issues as they affect the consumers’ choice and pocketbook.

In addition to the Healthy Living feature program, Brownfield Ag News has added another agricultural weather program, two additional agribusiness headline news programs, and two South Dakota agribusiness news programs.

Listen to one of the programs here: Brownfield Healthy Living

Harvesting Ideas at 2011 Agri-Marketing Conference

ZimmCast 299Welcome to Agri-Marketing Conference Week. It is one of our favorite times of the year because it was seven years ago that Cindy and I attended and introduced people to ZimmComm New Media. We hope to see you in Kansas City in person or online. You can find us in our booth at this year’s Connection Point trade show. I will once again be the NAMA Blogger so I’ll be doing some cross posting here and there and you can count on lots of photos.

To get a preview of this year’s conference I spoke with Matt Coniglio, Fastline Publications. Matt is Vice Chair of the conference this year. In the ZimmCast he’ll share some highlights and says it’s looking like this will be the highest attendance for a conference since 2000! Get a preview of the 2011 Agri-Marketing Conference in this week’s program: 2011 Agri-Marketing Conference Preview

I’d also like to thank Brownfield Ag News for sponsoring our coverage of the conference! Look forward to a party on Thursday night.

Thanks to our ZimmCast sponsor, Growmark, locally owned, globally strong, for their support.

The program ends this week with a song from Music Alley called “The Harvesting Angel” by Jeremy Alan Hepp.

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