Hot Dog & Sausage King

Chuck Zimmerman

His real title is President of the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. He’s Eric Mittenthal. But we need a much better title for him and perhaps you could suggest one. Eric is taking over the position from the “Queen of Wien” herself, Janet Riley. Both also work for the North American Meat Institute which oversees the NHDSC. Riley will …

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How Ground Beef & Hamburgers are Made Video Released

Jamie Johansen

Ground beef and hamburgers are two of America’s most beloved meat products, yet also among the most misunderstood when it comes to how they’re made. With that in mind, American Meat Institute (AMI) has developed a new video as part of its “Glass Walls” series featuring a tour of a processing plant that produces ground beef for several major restaurant …

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Helping People Understand Nutritional Benefits of Meat

Chuck Zimmerman

Because they just don’t know. That’s why the American Meat Institute has a dietician approved brochure available for free download. Most consumers don’t fully recognize the unique nutrition benefits that meat and poultry offer, according to a recent survey conducted online by Harris Poll for the American Meat Institute. Only 12 percent of consumers correctly identified animal products like meat …

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Reaction to Court COOL Decision

Cindy Zimmerman

A U.S. district court judge today denied a request for a preliminary injunction blocking a final USDA regulation mandating country-of-origin labels (COOL) on meat sold in retail stores until a lawsuit filed July 8 is concluded. That decision made COOL supporters happy but disappointed the plaintiffs, which include U.S. and Canadian meat packer and livestock organizations. “We disagree strongly with …

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Sing a Song of Hot Dogs

Chuck Zimmerman

It’s summer hot dog time and National Hot Dog Month is almost here. According to the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council, Americans are expected to eat 150 million hot dogs over the July 4th holiday alone, part of the 7 billion hot dogs eaten over the summer season from Memorial Day to Labor Day. That’s a lot of dogs! …

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Reaction to COOL Decision

Chuck Zimmerman

USDA has issued the final rule for mandatory Country of Origin Labeling (COOL), including an amendment to the regulations for muscle cut covered commodities derived from animals slaughtered in the United States. The decision pleased some livestock organizations, but disappointed others. “We are deeply disappointed with this short-sighted action by the USDA,”said National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) President Scott George. …

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The Glass Walls Project

Jamie Johansen

Speaker after speaker during the Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit reminded us that transparency is no longer an option for the livestock industry. To prove that the agriculture community has nothing to hide, groups have opened their doors to share how your food is made. Senior Vice President for Public Affairs & Professional Development at the American Meat Institute, Janet …

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Unconfusing the Confused Consumer

Chuck Zimmerman

Recent information shows that the meat industry in this country has a lot of work to do with the American consumer. At the recent 2013 Annual Meat Conference in Nashville Michael Uetz with Midan Marketing, spoke during one of the sessions titled, “Demystifying the Meat Case for Today’s Confused Consumer.” “We were shocked when we went in and talked with …

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King Richard Talks Smithfield at Meat Conference

Chuck Zimmerman

One of the greatest race car drivers of all time, “King” Richard Petty was at the 2013 Annual Meat Conference in Nashville, talking up one of the sponsors of his NASCAR team, Smithfield Foods. “This is first time I’ve ever been to a show like this, but it looks pretty interesting,” he said during an interview, jokingly adding that he …

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Fact vs. Fiction in Food Crisis Management

Chuck Zimmerman

Crisis management. We hear a lot about it and any company wants to be ready to handle one if it should happen. How do you deal with fact vs. fiction, especially in the food industry? At today’s Annual Meat Conference we heard from Sue Borra, Senior Vice President of Communications, Food Marketing Institute and Eric Mittenthal, Vice President, Public Affairs, …

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