American Hereford Beef Is What’s For The Media

ZimmCast-139 - American Hereford Association Media DayInviting the media in to learn more about your business or organization is becoming more popular these days. This past week I had the opportunity to attend a media day at the American Hereford Association. Thanks to Dave Mehlhaff, Director of Communications a number of agricultural journalists got their first look at the Association’s headquarters in Kansas City.

Dave Mehlhaff Leads a SessionIn this week’s program I’ve got an interview with Dave that we did before I left the excellent concluding lunch session we had. Dave says the feedback he received was very positive and that he plans to do it again next year. I lobbied for a weekly media day or lunch but I don’t think that’s in the budget. He says we’re going to be seeing and hearing a lot more from the AHA in coming months.

Dave’s pictured setting things up for us in our first session in the AHA office.

The program concludes this week with music from the Podsafe Music Network. This week’s song is “Mass Media” by a Mark Heimonen.

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Hereford Product Best In Years

Lee HaygoodTexas cattle producer Lee Haygood is a board member of the American Hereford Association. He chairs the breed improvement committee which he says is a busy committee but he thinks it’s fun.

Lee says the committee oversees the research projects like those we learned about today. He says the industry needs to get more efficient and that the Hereford breed can help accomplish that. So the Heterosis project which we got the first year results of this morning is one that he thinks is key.

As a producer he thinks projects like it will document what they already know but that will attract people back to the breed. He thinks they’re raising the best product they have in years.

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AHA Media Day Photo Album

National Beef Sells Certified Hereford Beef

Nick RauschOne of the companies that Certified Hereford Beef is working with to market their product is National Beef. On hand with us today at lunch was Nick Rausch, National Beef Brand Manager, CHB.

He says they target retailers to market the beef and sees penetration into the food service industry as a real growth area but only if they get full carcass utilization. Right now food service only represents about 10 percent of what they market. He says they work closely with CHB which provides the infrastructure of the pipeline to cattle as well as marketing assistance and sales.

Nick says the future is in developing the brand so it becomes a household word. He thinks they’ve got some work to do to compete with some of the other brands out there.

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Managing Certified Hereford Beef

Arden GremmertThe General Manager of Certified Hereford Beef is Arden Gremmert.

Arden spoke to us today about the program including giving us a lot of facts and figures. For example, they’re shooting for 25 percent growth in sales in the coming year and one of the ways they’re going to try to accomplish that is through a new food service expansion plan that includes increasing carcass utilization. He says they sold about 38 million pounds of CHB last year. CHB was founded in 1995 and is covering 28 states around the country.

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Certified Hereford Beef

Bill CoxHere at the American Hereford Association media day I got to eat Certified Hereford Beef and learn more about the program. The President of Certified Hereford Beef is Bill Cox. He’s a producer from Pomeroy, WA.

Certified Hereford BeefBill says he loves the Hereford breed and I think you’ll hear that in my interview with him. Bill says that the research programs being done by the American Hereford Association validate what he already knows. He says their goal is to provide a pleasurable eating experience for the American public. I can testify that you’ll get just that if you try a Hereford steak.

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Overview of the American Hereford Association

Craig HuffhinesThe group attending the American Hereford Association media day has just finished another pleasant eating experience. Getting us started here at City Tavern is Craig Huffhines, EVP of AHA.

I talked to Craig before we ate and he explains the history of the Hereford breed and AHA. He says they’ve got about 40 employees working in 4 major divisions in the organization. I was interested to learn that besides publishing their own breed magazine they publish sales brochures, newsletters for state groups and publications for other organizations. It’s an income generating publishing company in house.

Craig says a lot of people think of Hereford as this “old” breed and think that they don’t have much going on. I guess that’s why they’ve got young guys like him on board to turn that perception around!

Listen to my interview with Craig here:

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Hereford World Magazine

Hereford WorldWe’ve got media representatives visiting the American Hereford Association offices but AHA has its own publication – Hereford World. So attending along with us is Angie Stump Denton, Editor.

Here’s where you can find the latest issue.

Hereford World magazine is published for conscientious Hereford breeders and commercial cattlemen who make their living in the beef industry. Timely articles and editorial columns provide readers with information to help them make sound management and marketing decisions. From basic how-to articles to in-depth reports on cutting-edge technologies, the Hereford World offers its readers a solid package of beef industry information. The Hereford World is the official voice of the American Hereford Association (AHA). The magazine is produced 11 times a year, with seven glossy issues mailing to 5,600 subscribers.

AHA Media Day Photo Album

Hereford vs. Angus Heterosis Research

Jack WardJack Ward is the American Hereford Association COO and Director of breed improvement. He’s just finished giving us an overview of a new Heterosis Research Project they’re conducting.

I’m going to interview him and have him explain this since you may not be familiar with the term. I know I wasn’t. Basically this is an effort to document the value and results of cross-breeding Hereford bulls with Angus-based cows. It’s a 3 year program which has been going on for a year now.

What we’re hearing now is the performance difference between Angus sired vs. Hereford sired cattle. Their first year conclusion is that there’s a $78 advantage to the Hereford sired. This is a real world commercial setting. The study is being conducted in cooperation with California State University, Chico; Lacey Livestock; Harris Feeding Co.; and Harris Ranch Beef Co.

Post Update: Here’s my interview with Jack. He explains heterosis, what the goal of their research is and the first year results.

Listen to my interview with Jack here:

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Or you can download and listen to the interview here: Listen To MP3Jack Ward Interview (4 min MP3)

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Welcomed By Craig Huffhines

Craig HuffhinesThe Executive Vice President of the American Hereford Association is Craig Huffhines. He welcomed us to the media day event and reviewed our day’s activities.

I’m going to interview Craig on our break to learn more about him and what he’s trying to accomplish in his leadership position with the organization. Craig’s been with AHA since 1992 when he started as director of their feedlot and carcass programs for the Certified Hereford Beef program.

I was surprised to learn how long the breed and the organization has been around. You can read a comprehensive history on their website.

AHA Media Day Photo Album

Hearing About Herefords

American Hereford Association Media DayClass is in session at the American Hereford Association offices for agricultural journalists. I think this is the first time for most of us to actually visit the AHA office.

Our program includes topics like new heterosis research, the resurgence of an industry icon, answering the performance call and creating Hereford demand through consumer satisfaction.

AHA Media Day Photo Album

American Hereford Association Offices

American Hereford AssociationThe American Hereford Association media day is underway here at their offices in downtown Kansas City. It may be raining this morning but no one is complaining. We needed it!

This morning we’re going to have some presentations and time for interviews with several representatives of the AHA as well as producer members. I’ll be posting mine during the day for you. I’ve already visited the “museum” downstairs from our meeting room and pictures are in the photo album.

I heard that we’re going to be going to a local restaurant for lunch and am hoping that will be another hereford meal experience.

AHA Media Day Photo Album

A Magical Hereford Experience

AHA Magic ShowThe American Hereford Association worked a little magic with the media this evening. Actually, Todd Lamanske did the work. Todd is a great comedic magician. I hope I have that right.

I not only enjoyed his show for us here at the Hotel President Hilton but the Certified Hereford steak we ate for supper. It was excellent and I’m sure something that many of the Japanese I met or saw last week would love to have on their table.

You can experience the event for yourself in the AHA Media Day Photo Album.

Beginning early tomorrow we’re going to learn a lot about this breed. I’m not sure how many journalists we have here but some have flown in for the event from different areas of the country. I’m looking forward to learning more about the “The Power of Black Only Better.”

American Hereford Association Media Day

American Hereford AssociationWith a theme of “The Power of Black Only Better” I’ll be attending the first ever American Hereford Association Media Day starting with a get together this evening in Kansas City.

We’ve got a news conference tomorrow morning early and presentations with AHA representatives during the day. I’ll be bringing it all to you as it happens.

Of course we will also be sampling some American Hereford beef. I can’t wait.