Report Projects Increased Challenges For Ag Retailers

Lizzy Schultz

A new report from CoBank has revealed that accounts receivable at farm supply co-ops and other ag retailers are growing, and so are the challenges they face. The report shows that retailers are adjusting to a tougher economic environment accompanying the down-phase of the current ag commodity cycle, as current headwinds are directly related to the sharp decline in commodity …

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Nitrogen Loss Stinks at AMS

Cindy Zimmerman

Everyone has experienced that nasty smell of a well-used porta potty on a hot day. Okay, so that’s what nitrogen loss smells like. Yuck. Kerry Overton with Koch Agronomic Services was the guy who treated unsuspecting visitors to his booth at the Ag Media Summit InfoExpo to the “here, smell this” experience. Gotta tell you, it was gross, but it …

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Stabilizing Nitrogen Important for Conservation Tillage

Chuck Zimmerman

I want to say a big thanks to Koch Agronomic Services for being the sponsor of our coverage of the 2013 Conservation in Action Tour again this year. During the tour I visited with Greg Schwab, Director of Agronomy. He says that some of the products they make help farmers do conservation tillage. One of the challenges is maintaining the …

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Koch Agronomic Services Has Scientific Integrity

Chuck Zimmerman

Koch Agronomic Services is on display here at AG CONNECT Expo. I visited with Greg Schwab, Director of Agronomy (seen on AgriTalk), to learn what he’s talking to farmer attendees about. Greg says the company has grown tremendously in the last two years with multiple acquisitions to add to their product lineup. One of the key issues he’s talking to …

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Koch and AGROTAIN Together at FPS

John Davis

The 2012 Farm Progress Show gave Koch Agronomics the opportunity to showcase its acquisition of AGROTAIN really for the first time to this audience, since it was just finalized in October of 2011. We got to find out more about Koch and how AGROTAIN fits with that corporation during a media breakfast at the show. VP of commercial operations for …

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Soybean Growers Also Interested in Conservation

John Davis

While much of the focus of the Indian Creek Watershed Project Field Tour has been on corn, and in particular, nitrogen use and runoff in corn, soybean growers are also interested in the event. “Corn is a major crop, but soybeans are also a rotational crop, and lot of the research they’re doing on nitrogen management is on corn-soybean rotation …

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Tour Demonstrates Ag’s Commitment to Conservation

John Davis

Events such as the the recent Indian Creek Watershed Project Field Tour are giving agricultural producers a chance to show their commitment to conservation practices in the field. “We see this great opportunity for a volunteer collaboration between environmental groups and the farm community,” said Richard Breckenridge, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Advisor for the Illinois EPA during an interview with …

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GROWMARK: Uniting for Conservation is Refreshing

John Davis

Different groups coming together for a common good… that’s the name of the game on the recent Indian Creek Watershed Project Field Tour. Chuck caught up with one of our good friends from GROWMARK, Howard Brown, manager of agronomy services and one of the participants during the tour. He said it was refreshing to see various groups coming together to …

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USDA: Conservation Project Tour a “Real Gem”

John Davis

You can’t underestimate the value that an event like the recent Indian Creek Watershed Project Field Tour. “It’s a real gem,” Ivan Dozier, Illinois State Conservationist with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) told Chuck during one of the stops on the tour. He said he’s been involved in water shed planning for a long time, and it makes …

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Ag Lender Sees Value of Conservation Tour

John Davis

Who better than a person who makes long-term investments in the land, an ag lender, to offer an evaluation of the long-term conservation efforts on display at the recent Indian Creek Watershed Project Field Tour? “It’s a wonderful thing. It’s trying to let others know that farmers are being very responsible stewards of the land,” Gary Bressner, an ag lender …

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