Ready To Call It An AgNite

Chuck Zimmerman

Cindy and I were so impressed with AgNite that we just had to talk about it on this week’s ZimmCast. Let’s face it. Get over 5,000 people together and have the whole thing hosted by ag companies and organizations that don’t always see eye to eye and I’d say you’ve accomplished something! This week’s program includes an AgNite wrap-up with …

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AgNite Wrap-up

Chuck Zimmerman

I’m not sure how I got in touch with Daryn McBeth, Minnesota Agri-Growth Council today but I’m glad I did. I think he and his staff have earned some time off this week after putting on one incredible event Tuesday evening – AgNite. I got some wrap-up comments from him starting with attendance. Daryn says that they counted over 5,000 …

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AgNite Got Cheesy

Chuck Zimmerman

AgNite at the RNC was all about showcasing American food and agriculture. One of the most interesting displays included 3 large blocks of cheese. These were donated by Associated Milk Producers Incorporated. They’re not something you’d have room in your refrigerator for since each block weighs 690 pounds! The people working the display got a serious workout slicing off the …

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Ethanol at AgNite

Cindy Zimmerman

One of the very cool things about the AgNite event in Minnesota this week was the way it united all aspects of the agriculture industry. The 50 sponsors included agribusinesses, corn growers, food processors, livestock, dairy and poultry producers, and the ethanol industry. Some of these groups have been at odds with each other in recent months over the impact …

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Feeding America

Chuck Zimmerman

You may be familiar with an organization called Second Harvest. Now you need to know it by the name, Feeding America. The new name was announced September 1. George Braley (front left) is their Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Public Policy. He was one of the people on hand Tuesday at their regional network member, Second Harvest Heartland, …

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Princess Kay of the Milky Way at AgNite

Chuck Zimmerman

Helping educate the people attending AgNite was Princess Kay of the Milky Way. She’s Kristy Mussman, a 3rd generation dairy farm family member. She’s still pretty overwhelmed by her selection as the 55th Princess Kay. “It’s an unbelievable feeling, knowing that one day I was just a dairy farmer’s daughter and then going through all the processes for dairy princesses …

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AgNite Was Incredible

Chuck Zimmerman

AgNite was really an incredible event on several levels. The participation on the part of the agricultural community was impressive with over 50 companies and organizations involved. The Minnesota Agri-Growth Council staff was awesome. From 3pm to 3am it was non-stop activity, with people like Cindy and me needing assistance. The staff smiled throughout it all. There’s too many people …


Hormel Provides Protein Punch for Hunger Relief

Cindy Zimmerman

Joe Swedberg is Vice President of Legislative Affairs of Hormel Foods Corporation and currently chairman of the Minnesota Agri-Growth Council, the coordinators of the gala AgNite event held in the Twin Cities on the second night of the Republican National Convention. Joe was also on hand earlier Tuesday during a potato-packing event held at Second Harvest Heartland to highlight the …

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FFA Helping Educate at AgNite

Chuck Zimmerman

The primary purpose of AgNite was to showcase and educate attendees about agriculture. What better way than to have your state FFA officers on hand? One of them was Sydney Place who is Minnesota FFA State Reporter. Sydney had an exciting day because she not only attended AgNite but it was also her first day of college. She says, “It …

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