ZimmComm Galaxy Tab S AgNerd Giveaway

Jamie Johansen

Are you in need of some new tech for your farm or business? ZimmComm New Media just might have the answer. Enter our latest AgNerd Giveaway for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S Tab. Samsung Galaxy S Tab Specs: Super AMOLED® display (1600 x 2560) Our thinnest (0.26″) and lightest (1.02 lbs.) yet Unique innovations like Fingerprint Scanner, …

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Apple Watch Has Arrived

Chuck Zimmerman

I know there are AgWired community members just waiting to see the Apple Watch in the wild. Well, here’s what it looks like when you take it out of the UPS delivery box. This is as far as I’ve gotten. More unboxing to follow and then setup time. But right now I’ve got other work pressing so I thought I’d …


Agworld Developing Apple Watch App

Chuck Zimmerman

AgNerd’s everywhere, rejoice! You will soon have an app to use when you get your new Apple Watch thanks to AgWorld. Agworld, a leading global information management and cloud collaboration software for growers and consultants, announced that it is developing an app for the Apple Watch in response to the growing demand for a new breed of field-ready, connected apps. …

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AgNerd Cloud – Galaxy S6

Chuck Zimmerman

I promised you a review of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. It’s that time. I’ve been using this phone for several weeks now and have included a Tech 21 minimalist case and screen cover. My go to and main phone is an iPhone 6 but I carry this second phone with a different carrier (Verizon) to make sure I …

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TekWear in Elite 8 for TAG Business Launch Competition

Chuck Zimmerman

Congratulations to AgNerd Extraordinaire Bruce Rasa, TekWear. According to his FB feed his company has placed in the elite 8 of a major Georgia-based business launch competition. Team TekWear has been selected as an ‘Elite 8’ finalist for the TAG Business Launch Competition. The contest began this spring with more than 100+ companies. TAG (Technology Association of Georgia) is a …

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World Backup Day

Chuck Zimmerman

When was the last time you backed up your computer? Your phone? Your tablet? Your memory cards? Hopefully you know the answer to that. If you haven’t then do it today – World Backup Day. This infographic was sent to me by Cloudwards. Click on it to see the rest of the graphic. March 31st has been declared World Backup …

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AgNerd Cloud – USB Chargers

Chuck Zimmerman

Hello multi-gadget AgNerds. With those come the need for multi-USB charging! How many of you when you travel get to a hotel room with a lack of power outlets much less USB ports to plug into? It can be very frustrating. That’s why I purchased an Anker 60W 6-Port Family-Sized Desktop USB Charger. Got mine on Amazon Prime for $35. …


Agnerd Giveaway – BrydgeAir

Chuck Zimmerman

This edition of the AgNerd Giveaway is a BrydgeAir keyboard and case for the iPad Air. I took it on the road to the National Biodiesel Conference to try it out. I used it in the airport, on the plane and as seen here, in my lap during the conference sessions. I left my Macbook Pro in the media room …

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