The Shark Farmer Podcasts From #AgChat

Chuck Zimmerman

Shark farming in Illinois. I didn’t find much about that on Google. Google knows everything of course. But I did meet the Shark Farmer, Rob Sharkey, this week at the 2016 Cultivate & Connect Conference in KC, MO. Rob actually produces a regular podcast on Tuesday’s called Sharkfarmer Podcast. It’s not only a play on his name but he started …

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#AgChat 2016 Cultivate & Connect

Chuck Zimmerman

Hello from frigid Kansas City, MO. I am not going to the Chiefs game tonight. No way! But I will be rooting for them. No, I’m here for a quick stop to visit all my AgChat Foundation peeps and just completed a session on Farm Podcasting during the 2016 Cultivate & Connect Conference. I really wish the @FarmPodcaster could have …

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Register for #AgChat Foundation Conference

Chuck Zimmerman

Registration is now open for the 2016 AgChat Foundation Cultivate & Connect conference. This year it will be held December 8-9 in Kansas City, Missouri. Who better to talk to about it than one of the Bayer, 6 AgVocates to Follow, Jenny Schweigert, Executive Director, AgChat Foundation? According to Jenny it has been a pivotal year for the AgChat Foundation. …

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AgChat Foundation Announces Summer Interns

Kelly Marshall

Mallorie Wipple and Kyndal Reitzenstein will be working with the AgChat Foundation this summer as communications interns. Wipple will be responsible for coordinating communications efforts while Reitzenstein will be working with the Ask the Farmers initiative. “As our organization grows at a rapid pace, adding a second internship to the summer program was imperative. Ms. Wipple and Ms. Reitzenstein bring …

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The Big Ten for Truffle Media

Chuck Zimmerman

In this week’s program you can listen to Jamie Johansen talk with John Blue, Truffle Media Networks, about the growth of the company and what he sees for the future. John says that Truffle Media Networks will turn ten years old in June. He is now the Chief of Community Creation for the company. You’ll have to listen to him …

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AgChat Acquires Ask the Farmers Initiative

Jamie Johansen

The AgChat Foundation has reached an agreement with the creators of Ask The Farmers to acquire its websites, trademarks and platforms. “This is an exciting time for both ACF and Ask The Farmers,” said AgChat Foundation Vice-President Marie Bowers-Stagg. “We look forward to continuing their great work by providing the back-office support to help keep the ATF community of bloggers …

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National Collegiate Congress Offered for Ag Students

Kelly Marshall

On April 2, 2016 college students will participate in the AgChat Foundation’s 2016 Collegiate Congress.  Sponsored by Dow AgroSciences, and held at Dow’s headquarters in Indianapolis, the event offers students the opportunity to network with members of the industry while learning how to communicate with consumers to share their stories. “The inaugural Collegiate Congress provided a solid framework as I …

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Ryan’s Top 12 Ag Podcasts

Chuck Zimmerman

Ryan is Agriculture Proud and we’re proud of him for it. He also runs a lot. During the past year, I’ve put a few miles in, whether running on the treadmill and trails, or driving down the highway. One of the best ways to pass time is by listening to podcasts or audiobooks. I can’t agree more with that. Podcasting, …

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AgChat Expands in the Western US

Kelly Marshall

The third Wester Regional Agvacacy Conference will by hosted by the AgChat Foundation on February 19-20 in Reno, Nevada.  This event is expanding upon the efforts of the first two, held in Portland, Oregon and Spokane, Washington.  The AgChat Foundation provides high-quality training on advocacy to farmers and ranchers.  This upcoming session will continue to focus on delivering a broad …

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Graduate AgVocates 2015

Chuck Zimmerman

What a fine group of young agvocates ready to hit the interwebs and let people know more about where their food comes from. If you missed the 2015 AgChat Foundation Conference, don’t worry. There will be another one. In the meantime, what can you do to get involved? #AgChat & #FoodChat Conversations – Join us Tuesday evenings for #AgChat & …

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