Ag Communicators of Tomorrow at AMS

Chuck Zimmerman

Let’s get an update on the National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow at the Ag Media Summit. There are 75 student members attending this year and we’re glad to see them. Here are the officers and advisers right before their welcome session that features Ashley Collins,, talking about personal branding. Our Jamie Johansen will see Ashley again this week at …

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ACT Update

Chuck Zimmerman

Since we met the new leadership of AAEA and LPC, how about saying hello to the leaders of the ACT? Here’s the leadership team for the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow. I spoke with Jessica England, President and Lauren Greaves, First Vice President. I met them earlier this year during National Ag Day Activities. The ACT holds meetings in conjunction with …

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Meet New AAEA and LPC Presidents

Chuck Zimmerman

The ZimmCast is produced this week in the lobby/registration area at the Agricultural Media Summit. I’m posting as the first break is ending and now it’s time for more professional development sessions. My interviews were recorded on a new app I have for my iPhone. They didn’t come out sounding as good as I’d like but they are okay. In …

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Agricultural Youth Participate In Ag Day Activities

Chuck Zimmerman

The National FFA isn’t the only agricultural youth education organization involved with Ag Day. I visited with several more this week starting with Jessica England, President (left) and Lauren Greaves, First Vice President, Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow. I learned that you pronounce it A-C-T to start off! This college level student organization promotes leadership with agricultural communications majors. They were …

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