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Weather Outlook at #NFMS17

Cindy Zimmerman

Weather is always the main topic of discussion whenever farmers get together, so the weather outlook from Bryce Anderson, Senior Ag Meteorologist at DTN/The Progressive Farmer, is always a big draw at the National Farm Machinery Show.

Anderson says the outlook for the corn belt is good this year as the Pacific Ocean has moved from a weak La Nina weather pattern to more average temperatures, and may even warm up to a weak El Nino pattern during the heart of the growing season instead. “This is important because when El Nino is in effect during the growing season it is a benign player for our corn belt conditions,” Anderson says. “We have had some of our best yielding years when El Nino has been going on. So the message that I’m giving to growers here is that I think we are in line for at least trend-line yields again for the coming year.”

Growers face a lot of uncertainty, weather being only one, but this year scientists find themselves in a similar position, Anderson notes. The Trump administration’s positions on matters like climate change may affect programs like The National Weather Service, but there’s a chance current philosophies will be moderated by the time they make it into action. It’s a time to be alert, Anderson advises. This is a game of watching and waiting and monitoring.

To listen to Chuck’s full interview with Anderson, listen here: Interview with Bryce Anderson, DTN/The Progressive Farmer

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