Producers See Performance, Flexibility of Anthem

John Davis

Not only are the folks at FMC anxious to see the release this fall by the EPA of the herbicide Anthem, but if the reaction at the recent Anthem Field Plot Tour in Ames, Iowa is any indication, so are the producers who showed up at the tour. Dean Getting, Retail Marketing Manager for FMC, said people were able to see a comparison with industry standards on rates and efficacy of Anthem. “Everyone, I think, walked away with encouraged hearts that this will help in their arsenal,” adding in an interview with Chuck that Anthem is an additional tool for producers to use.

Getting said Anthem’s biggest asset might be its flexibility. “They can put it on in the fall. They can put it on in the spring. They can incorporate it. They can use it pre[-emergent]; they can use it post,” and opens up windows of opportunity when farmers might have to go to plan b.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Randy here: Interview with Dean Getting, Retail Marketing Manager for FMC

You can find photos from the event here: FMC Anthem Field Plot Tour Photos

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