Soft and Plush

Melissa Sandfort

This week, one of our neighbors combined his wheat fields and this is the stubble that’s left. From the road it looks like butter. Or yellow cotton candy. Like running my fingers through a little chick’s peach fuzz.

It’s wheat stubble though, so I’m sure it’s not soft and plush.

I wanted to write about wheat because in our area, 99 percent of the field are corn and soybeans and it’s nice to see a different color. In western Kansas though where my husband’s family farms, wheat is most common. That’s why finding a month to get married was hard – when my family was in harvest, his dad was spraying and when his dad was harvesting, mine was planting.

I’ve interviewed a lot of farmers in the past five years and it’s fun hearing about the diversity of crops, even within our own state. I’ve talked to corn, soybean, wheat, sunflower, popcorn, dry edible bean, grass seed and sorghum growers – and that’s just here in Nebraska. Again, that’s what I love about spring/summer … the colors and contrast of agriculture. It’s much prettier than looking at houses that sit 25 feet apart and drab office buildings.

Until we walk again …