Stovall Farms Putting Conservation Into Practice

Chuck Zimmerman

Pete HunterThe first stop on the 2012 Conservation in Action Tour was Stovall Farms. Our host was Pete Hunter, one of the farm owners. In the photo Pete is receiving a thank you gift from Conservation Technology Information Center board member Lara Moody, The Fertilizer Institute.

Pete provided us with a history of the farm that includes legendary blues musician Muddy Waters. He also gave an overview of the current production and conservation systems they have in place. One of the techniques they’ve put into place is land leveling which reduces topographical variation. This reduces the speed that runoff escapes the field protecting the soil from sheet and rill erosion. Pete says that farming has changed today and he believes, “We need to hold on to what we’ve got.” That means implementing a lot of conservation practices.

Listen to Pete’s remarks here: Pete Hunter - Stovall Farms

2012 Conservation in Action Tour Photo Album

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