The Food Security Reader

Chuck Zimmerman

I just got my copy of The Food Security Reader. It is “The Best of Truth About Trade & Technology” with the foreword written by Dean Kleckner and edited by Mary Boote. I have only just skimmed it but if you like what you find at TATT then you will like reading through the stories told in this book. The TATT board has dedicated the book to Dr. Norman Borlaug.

From the start, Truth about Trade & Technology has spread its message of hope and growth. We began a weekly column, produced a weekly economic analysis, launched a website, spoke to journalists, appeared on radio and television, and attended meetings in the United States and abroad. More than a decade later, we can report many successes, such as the passage of new free-trade agreements and the growing acceptance of biotech crops. Yet plenty of tests await us: Agricultural trade remains badly distorted and biotechnology continues to face substantial resistance in Europe and many developing nations. As old battles end, new ones emerge–and our work remains as important and daunting as ever. The Food Security Reader is a chronicle of what we’ve done, a collection of our best columns on a wide range of subjects. Contributors include Michael Allen, Jeff Bidstrup, Mary Boote, Gilbert Arap Bor, Tim Burrack, Reg Clause, Maria Gabriela Cruz, Rosalie Ellasus, Bill Horan, Ken Kamiya, Carol Keiser-Long, Dean Kleckner, Cheryl Koompin, Rajesh Kumar, Darrell McAlexander, Jim McCarthy, Paul Rasgorshek, John Reifsteck, Tim Recker, John Rigolizzo, Jr., Ted Sheely, Al Skogen, and Terry Wanzek.

You can order the book on Amazon.

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