Lynn Balinas Celebrates B-Day at Ag Associates Conference

Joanna Schroeder

We’re having a great time here in Houston at the Ag Associates Conference. So much so that it was hard to get everyone to take a break and have lunch! Last night, Lynn Balinas, the President of the Hondo Group, celebrated his birthday with the entire StollerUSA team. His team Patricia Lawson and Brenda Gilbertson, the PR gurus who are helping StollerUSA get the word out about its great yield enhancing projects, took a minute to say happy birthday as did a few others.

Don’t forget to follow the conference right here on Dozens of people are sharing their research about the success they are having with all the Stoller products. I also had the chance, along with several other reporters, to spend some time alone with Stoller CEO and Founder, Jerry Stoller.

Ag Associates Conference Flickr Album.

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