Dr. Ronan Power Explains Nutrigenomics

Chuck Zimmerman

Dr. Ronan PowerI’m just guessing that it’s not coincidence that the theme for Alltech’s Symposium is “The Greenest Generation” and it’s Earth Day. No, couldn’t be.

But it is Earth Day and Alltech is talking a lot about sustainability, better environmental practices and feeding the world. One of those key speakers is Dr. Ronan Power, Alltech Director of Research, who received the Medal of Excellence award. He spoke at the opening general session and I interviewed him after the following press conference.

He says the award is a big honor for his whole research team and as the leader of the new Alltech Nutrigenomics Center, he says they have a great opportunity to move their research forward to a new level. You can also hear him explain the term, “Nutrigenomics.”

You can listen to my interview with Dr. Power here: alltech-symposium-08-power.mp3

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