Animal ID Conference Concludes

Chuck Zimmerman

ID-InfoExpoI was sent an end-of-the-week newsletter that talked about the ID-Info Expo 2005, put on by the National Institute For Animal Agriculture. This sounded interesting and there’s a conference website. However, eventhough it says “Visit often for updated meeting information…” all I can find is what I would call pre-conference information. The conference ended Thursday. There’s also a little box on the home page that says “MEETING UPDATES” but I guess that was for pre-meeting updates. Here’s a perfect example of an event that could benefit from a blog and someone to “blog” it! Animal ID is a hot topic. I’ll bet I saw at least 20 news releases this week from different organizations, mostly calling on Congress to do something. However, here you have a whole conference on it and I’ve seen no information on it except what a member organization put in their newsletter.

In fact, if you do a Google search for it in “news” there’s no results. I’m not writing this to pick on NIAA at all but to point out that with all the time and money invested in a conference website, it could be set up as a blog to start with. It would then be search engine optimized and someone could at least post a couple articles a day during the conference with pictures and maybe some audio. We’ve been doing this here at AgWired since early this year so if you’d like find out how to do this or would like us to “do it for you” just give us a call!!

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